About us

Our mission is to bring high-quality products that meet European standards and manufactured in Ukraine to the markets of European countries. We are the exclusive representatives of manufacturers of various products in the European markets. We are very careful in choosing partners, so you can be sure that the commitments that we will undertake will be fulfilled faithfully. We will find an individual approach to each of our partners, whether it is a large wholesale buyer or a small regional store. Depending on the number of orders, we ship grouped goods at the definite frequency, so there is a possibility to order small shipments. Also, in many cases it is possible to manufacture goods according to your catalog and under your brand. If you have not found the product you need in our catalog, just send us a request, and we will carry out in Ukraine a search for the manufacturer of this product that meets all your requirements.

We are set high standards of performance and business behavior, promote an environment of intercultural communication and committed to respect integrity and consistency.

Why Ukrope
    • High quality of products meets European standards of environmental friendliness and safety, and is also monitored by us constantly. This is confirmed by the presence of all necessary certificates.
    • We always have a wide range of products from various industries that can meet the needs of a large number of companies. If you did not find the goods you need in our catalog, we will find you a manufacturer of these products in Ukraine, if there is one, and all your requirements will be taken into account.
    • The ability to manufacture certain groups of goods according to your catalog or according to an individual design project developed. This product can be sold under your brand.
    • Competitive price sets us apart from other companies. With the same quality, goods produced in Ukraine, as a rule, are significantly cheaper than European, which allows our partners to improve the rate of profitability of products.
    • Individual approach to each partner, regardless of the size of the company and country of origin. We will combine the cargo of several of our partners into one car that will allow you to order not only a large but also a small order shipment.
    • High level of service and information support. You can be completely confident in the competence of our specialists, who will always qualitatively and promptly advise you on all issues that arise.
    • After the signing of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement, a free trade regime was introduced. However, for the convenience some of our partners, we can ship goods on behalf of our Polish company.

Our process
Get detailed product information

Send us a request and get a catalog of the products you are interested in, its detailed description, standard terms of cooperation, price, etc. Goods of interest to you,

Coordination of essential conditions of cooperation

Discussion and approval of key terms of delivery, product characteristics, amount, delivery, price, etc. If necessary, coordinated of work according to the customer’s catalog or development of an individual design project. At the request of the customer, we send samples.

Signing a contract

Signing the contract in accordance with all agreed terms.

Production, shipment of finished products

Production of finished products, if the products of interest are made on order or send a finished shipment of goods available in stock.

Certification, customs clearance and delivery of goods to the buyer

Obtaining the missing certificates or certificates for new types of products, registration of transport documents, customs clearance of goods and delivery of them to the final buyer.

Why is it profitable for us to work with you, what are your advantages?

Our key advantages can be found in the section Why Ukrope: price, quality, availability of certificates, individual approach, the possibility of shipment on behalf of our Polish company, shipping not only in large quantities, working with your catalogs and design projects, and others.

Where can I see the full catalog and price of a particular product?

Please send an additional inquiry from the page of a particular product or contact us in any convenient way, and we will provide you with the necessary information.

Do you provide product samples?

Yes of course. Contact us and we will report the conditions and method of obtaining samples of particular products.

How can I get more information about a particular product?

You can receive any detailed information about a particular product by sending an inquiry from the page of this product or by contacting us in any convenient way.

Do you have goods in stock or do you produce on order?

Separate categories of goods are always available, others are made on the contrary only on order. To obtain information on the availability of interest goods to you, please contact us.

Do you provide product catalogs?

Yes, of course, send the corresponding request for the product you are interested in, and we will send you an electronic catalog. If necessary, we can send paper catalogs, if they are available for this product.

Which of your company's employees can consult me on a particular product?

For your convenience, after the first contact with our company, you will be assigned a personal manager who will answer any questions you may have.

Can we independently verify the quality of the product and see it before ordering?

Yes, of course, send the corresponding request to your personal manager, and you will jointly determine a convenient date and time of the visit to the production.

Is there a guarantee on products from your range?

Yes, all products are warranted, but the terms and conditions in each case are different, so be interested in this issue for the product you are interested in.

What are your terms of cooperation?

Terms of cooperation are the subject of discussion in each particular case, and they may differ depending on the product. Send additional requests and your wishes on the conditions for the necessary your products.

How to pay for goods?

As well as the terms of cooperation, payment terms are subject to personal negotiations.

How is the delivery of goods?

Delivery is carried by truck or rail, depending on the goods.
Formation of transport on the basis of its loading, for example, a full car for one customer or a grouped car – for several customers.

What does serial and individual production in the descriptions of the goods?

Where both individual and serial production are indicated at the same time, this means that it is possible to manufacture products according to the customer’s catalog or its design project, and such products can be produced both in large production volume and in a single copy.
Where only serial production is indicated, it means that products can be released not in single copies, and it is often also possible to manufacture them according to the customer’s catalog or an individual design project (need to be clarified with our managers).

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