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These doors are a complex framed (prefabricated) structure, the frame of which is made in the form of a glued beam with a thickness of 40 mm and the central framed part, made of MDF with a thickness of 10 mm. The similar frame design provides at the same time the ease and durability of products.

As a decorative coating is used Italian eco veneer Sincrolam of the company “Lamitex srl”, one of the market leaders in environmental furniture coatings since 2001 (products do not contain formaldehyde, phenols and solvents).

The international quality control factory ISO 9001: 2009, controls all production cycles, uses equipment from leading global manufacturers: Leadermac, Maggi, Griggio. The factory has all the certificates of environmental friendliness, safety and product quality.

We will send the full catalog of this production, the detailed description and characteristics on demand.

Serial production.

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