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We offer air fireplaces or fireplaces with a water circuit.

We have developed fireplace inserts that incorporate our many years of experience and advanced technologies: fan distribution of incoming air flow, tightness of a door made of double German glass-ceramic, the bottom of the firebox is lined with chamotte tiles and our own design innovations. These fireboxes embody the latest technology of burning wood, a system of clean glass. We made sure that the fuel in the cell burned out completely, thereby transferring the maximum heat to your home.

SchottROBAX glass ceramics is used for a pleasant inspection of the burning.

Senotherm paint is used to cover the fireboxes, which is an ideal solution for end-users in environmental friendliness.

Camera lined with 40mm thick chamotte by Wolfshöher Tonwerke GmbH & Co. The bottom of the furnace, lined with a special chamotte to maintain ultra-high combustion temperatures (about 1100 ° C) and allows the fuel to completely burn out.

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