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We offer reliable and economical, highly efficient and environmentally friendly steel solid fuel boilers manufactured on modern equipment of European manufacturers:

  • 12-24 kW for home and garden, as well as small spaces;
  • universal long-burning boilers for home and office 17-150 kW;
  • innovative – with a high degree of automation and an autonomous operation cycle of up to 5 days, solid fuel pellet boilers (with bunker tanks) 17-125 kW;
  • industrial fire-tube boilers for installation in systems of central heating of large areas of 100-600 kW.

Solid fuel boilers are manufactured using special temperature-resistant Ukrainian metal, and the components responsible for electronics are exclusively from European manufacturers (microprocessors of control units, pressure fans, automatic fuel supply systems).

We will send the full catalog of this production, the detailed description and characteristics by upon request.

This product can be made to the individual specification of the customer.

Serial and individual production.

Inquiry detailed information: