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Our scaffolds are coated polymer paint, due to which they last longer, do not rust and are undemanding to storage conditions.

Frame scaffolding is the most popular and safest way to organize construction work at heights of up to 30 meters.

Wedge-clamp scaffolding – a reliable and safe option for construction work at heights of up to 40 meters. Have the thought-over facilitated design consisting of only five basic elements.

Frame scaffolding “Professional” has a reinforced structure compared to analogs. The increased thickness and width of the pipes can improve the performance of these building structures. The scaffolding “Professional” is used to perform repair and finishing works on the facades of buildings at heights of up to 40 meters

We also offer mobile and reliable tower tours. Their design is designed in the most optimal way to ensure convenience and safety. They can be mounted to any convenient height.

This product can be made to the individual specification and design of the customer.

Serial production.

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