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Frame house set includes:

  1. A set of screw piles for the construction of a pile-screw foundation (optional).
  2. Documentation: project, plans, drawings, instructions.
  3. Set of lumber chamber drying, treated with fire and bio protection means.
  4. Thermal insulation.
  5. OSB-3 9mm for exterior wall cladding at home, as well as OSB-3 (E1) 22mm as a rough floor.
  6. Moisture-resistant drywall 12.5mm as an internal covering of walls and partitions.
  7. Vapor barrier, wind-, hydroprotection.
  8. Metal tile, soft tile or shingles to cover the roof.
  9. Wooden staircase.
  10. High-quality metal entrance door.
  11. Metal plastic two-chamber double-glazed windows.
  12. Internal and external finishing (optional)

Final equipment, lumber measurements, thermal insulation thickness, etc. are discussed for a specific order.

We will send the full catalog of this production, the detailed description and characteristics by upon request.

This product can be made according to the individual projects of the customer.

Inquiry detailed information: