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Framework: the processed metal profile pipe.

Stiffeners: primed and painted reinforced profile steel pipes.

Exterior finish: aluminum composite, corrugated flooring, raised beam, siding (optional).

Roof: aluminum composite, corrugated flooring, siding (optional).

Interior finish: laminated chipboard, OSB 10-12 mm, wooden or plastic lining, MDF lining, drywall.

Floor construction: OSB stove, floor hemming, waterproofing, thermal insulation, OSB, linoleum (optional).

Wall and roof construction: exterior finish, hydro-barrier, thermal insulation, vapor barrier, interior finish (optional).

Windows: metal-plastic with an anti-vandal grate.

Outside door: metal security door with a lock reinforced.

Electrical equipment: wiring with grounding, sockets, lighting switches, automatic, junction box, exit to the street in a corrugated sleeve, outdoor junction box, lamps.

The final equipment and other parameters are discussed individually.

We will send the full catalog of this production, the detailed description and characteristics by upon request.

This product can be made according to the individual projects of the customer.

Inquiry detailed information: